I have been working with, building, and installing netting for most of my life.

When I was a young child, my father was the captain of a shrimping boat in SE Texas. One day while hitting golf balls at a driving range in Houston, he looked around and noticed the nets surrounding the rang were completely worn out.

Seeing an opportunity based in his knowledge of nets and cabling from the shrimping industry, he spoke with the range owner about installing new nets and that is where Americas Nationwide Netting was born.

To fast-forward a few years, he got into baseball nets and the company took off in this niche construction industry, creating "Nets of Texas" as he evolved.

As you could imagine, I was taught the trade growing up and became his net man for many years building and installing nets while I was not in school.

Over the last 25 years his company has grown to become one of the most well-known names across the nation for his high-quality installations and turn-key applications. (Netsoftexas.com)

16 years ago, I started performing netting maintenance for baseball fields, golf courses, public schools, and training facilities that we had built in previous years needing repairs.

Because, outside of my father, I was the only person in the company with the full spectrum skillsets to do it.  "Net Men" has become a dying trade art due to the evolution of the marina netting industry over time.

I decided over the last year to take advantage of the value of my skill set, with an itch to travel, and take a tour of the country providing my unique trade service across the nation.